For birders, by birders
Since 2013, we've made it our mission to promote all types of birding organisations from small tour operators to large field stations and resarch projects. We believe in learning from nature and sharing that knowledge across continents and disciplines.

We have established AviSurv data-sets in 6 countries and have collated over 2.5 million data points.

This is only possible by bird enthusiasts, habitat managers and field researchers all contributing to the same data set, which each in-turn can utilise to promote conservation.
Nature and technology
At AviSurv, we love to play with the latest technology and push the possibilities in ornithological conservation efforts.

Under the hood is a myriad of complementing open-source and custom-built frameworks which pull together areas of advanced audio analysis, complex data visualisations and comprehensive geo-spatial mapping engines to provide an up-to-date and precise avifauna inventory which everyone can access.
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