AviSurv Services

At AviSurv, our mission is to provide efficient public access to comprehensive and accurate data of the world's Avifanua. While at the core is a complex and custom built data-management system, our primary specialisations are in the fields of Remote Sensing, Geomatics, Bioacoustics of different species.

Owing to the in-built flexibility and power of AviSurv's core, we are able to offer a range of services to various actors participating in the field conservation.

Bird Enthusiasts

A growing number of third-party organisations and developers are utilising AviSurv's API ininteresting ways, including smartphone city bird guides, NGO field guides and even country field guides.

If you would like to create a new bird guide for a region or country or would like a custom field guide for a special event, get in touch and we'll see what we can create!
Image of Smartphone Field Guide

Field Researchers

AviSurv is not just for fun, a core premise of our work is to collate, organise and disseminate information. This is why we also support and produce custom applications for use in field research. Our specialist field research applications enable users to collect accurate field data for academic research, biological expeditions and public/private research initiatives.

The use of our field research applcations is important in providing support to Bird Enthusiasts and Habitat Managers through AviSurv's consolidated data sharing.

Field Research applications are currently being utilised in:
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama

Would you benefit by having a custom built field research application? Get in touch!
Image of Field Researchers Utility

Habitat Managers

As a habitat manager, it's important to know which species are present and how populations are fluctuating. This is not only important for your visitors but also useful in wider applications of avifauna knowledge sharing, afterall, birds are able to move!

Dependent on the size of your property, inventory management and information sharing can be applied in various ways. For larger properties, AviSurv offers comprehensive GPS data collection and inclusion in AviSurv's Mapping engine. For smaller properties, it is often more appropriate to utilise sighting data for informative puposes, such as poster boards etc.
Image of Whitelabel Bird Field Guide
Have an idea on how to develop your avifauna services? Contact  chris [ at ] avisurv [ dot ] com